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Welcome to the Association TransCommunication

The goal of this website is to help you learn about transcommunication including what it is, how to work with it and theories about how it works.

When encountering an extraordinary event, seek first to find commonalities with other extraordinary events and known science before assuming something new.

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Founded in 1982, the Association TransCommunication (ATransC) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of all forms of transcommunication, which is communication across the veil. This includes all forms of communication including mediumship and precipitation, but the organization has an emphasis on Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC), and its subset, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).


The ATransC has changed from support with member dues to support from earnings from the No Dead book and affiliate programs when website visitors use the eBay and Amazon links to make purchases.

This website, which includes over 400 pages of information, is made possible by public support. None of the volunteers, including the directors, receive compensation. All of the funds, including proceeds from the Butler's book, There is No Death and There are No Dead, are applied to operations, outreach and research.

Today, it is amongst the very few organizations in the English-speaking world that provides information about the Trans-survival Hypothesis from the perspective of current understanding about transcommunication. If you think this study is important, then please consider supporting the organization by participating in the Idea Exchange, Collective and subscribing to the Occasional Update email.

A person can become knowledgeable about these phenomena and learn to work with ITC by taking the time to study the contents of this website but it is important to work with others who can act as "objective advisors."

Evolution of Theory

Co-director Tom Butler is developing a cosmology based on the Trans-survival Hypothesis on his personal pages at This includes an in-depth look at the Trans-survival Hypothesis. All of this is based on current understanding from the parapsychological community and the results of research and study by past members of the ATransC. A book titled Implicit Cosmology is expected out this summer.

    ITC Image of Man Holding a Dog 

ITC Image of a Mans Head


"Think Positively ... instantly away"

EVP Waveform

Examples of Visual and Audio ITC

Video-loop ITC: The left image was formed in noise produced with a video feedback loop. You should see a man holding a small white dog. It is typical for portions of the image to be distorted. There are more examples here.

Moving-water ITC: We see unexpected features in all kinds of optical noise. In the middle example, the head facing to your left and wearing what appears to be an ancient hat, was formed in noise produced by light reflecting from rapidly moving water. Moving-water ITC is an easy experiment for you to conduct at home. See other examples by the Socrates Circle here.

Transform EVP ITC: As with optical features, we find voice formed in audio-frequency noise. The example here was recorded with a digital note taker. When the Butlers visited Alcatraz, they recorded for EVP at a place from which San Francisco can be seen through a barred window. The city is beautiful and seemed very close. The Butlers knew it must have been a terrible torture for the inmates to see freedom so close, yet so far away. Lisa said as much while recording, and captured this voice saying, "Think Positively ... instantly away." There are more examples here.

ATransC Is Unique Amongst Paranormal Organizations

Learning about the paranormal is not just an interesting thing to do. The reality of such unexplained phenomena involving transcommunication has profound implications for everyone. There is strong evidence that these phenomena mean that the personality of people survives in an aspect of reality other than the physical. While evidence for survival awaits better research, mounting evidence for the existence of a form of as yet unexplained nonphysical energy is expected to soon force reconsideration of many physical principles long considered laws of nature. The fact that this nonphysical energy can be shown to be influenced by people's thoughts and can be beneficial to the wellbeing of people is already changing the way many people live.

Textured Sunflower

is spiritualism
sans religion.

We invite you to first study the evidence offered on this website and then decide whether or not you are ready to take the next step in your personal development. There are a number of organizations that will tell you about things paranormal. Most will only allow you to participate if you have an advanced academic degree. The ATransC is amongst the very few that considers these phenomena from the perspective of survived personality, rather than just human potentials and which actively seeks public participation.

If you are ready to take the next step toward mindful living, take time to study your alternatives and then become involved in the community, both as a student and as an activist, to help move this study into the mainstream of science and society. If you do seriously consider the choices, we think you will see that the Association TransCommunication is the place to begin.

      ATransC Logo and Motto

The ATransC Logo

The gold logo is a Möbius strip folded into an infinity sign. A Möbius strip is formed by twisting a strip of material 180 degrees and connecting the two ends so that the backside of one end is connected to the front side of the other. An ant walking along the surface would be on the opposite side each time it passes the front of the symbol.

The symbolism of the logo is that “both sides are really one and that one continues forever.”


The study of transcommunication is the study of conceptual influences causing objective effects. They remain conceptual as long as the influences are in the mind of the experiencer or observer. While all objective influences appear to require a physical person as a conduit, the ATransC attempts to focus primarily on those phenomena that have a substantial objective component which can be experienced by many and studied using the tools of physical science.


There has to be a "so what" for any study. Yes, there are unexpected phenomena, and yes, they appear to provide evidence of survival of personality, a greater reality and transcommunication. Of course this has important implications for science, but what does it mean to the individual? How should people respond to the likelihood they will find themselves very much alive on the Avatar other side of the veil?

As new information becomes available, the ATransC directors have been evolving a version of the Trans-survival Hypothesis (phenomena are caused by survived personalities). It is based on the version of the survival hypothesis referred to in parapsychology as an alternative to the Super-psi Hypothesis (phenomena are echoes of the past) but is influenced by what has been learned via etheric studies. As part of this effort, a suite of essays are also being evolved which address important concepts such as Mediumship, The Creative process, Etheric Fields  and Personality.


An extensive White Paper on transcommunication and many examples are maintained on the website for public access. Personal stories offered in the Circles section and articles in the Article section are intended to provide role models for people wanting to learn how others have experienced these phenomena.

A very useful search tool is provided so that you can search the paranormal community.


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Archived ATransC NewsJournal

All of the quarterly ATransC NewsJournals published since 2000 are in a single PDF file. It is available for $100 for non-commercial use only. Reading the past NewsJournals affords an important education about transcommunication that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Online Journal

There are no peer-reviewed journals specifically dedicated to study reports about transcommunication. The ATransC Journal is an online feature that provides important background information for people wishing to conduct research in this field.

Media Watch

Tom and Lisa Butler have been writing a column about current news items concerning things paranormal since 2001. The columns are archived on and have a dedicated search tool. Anyone wishing to research such subjects as energy healing, belief surveys and new discoveries about psi functioning should consider using the Media Watch Archive as a beginning resource.

Our promise to you

Logo gor Ethics - The PledgeATransC will continue to provide this website and expand its services as long as there is sufficient interest and support from the public. The only advertising here is for closely related organizations such as the Forever Family Foundation. All links are to sources of additional information and never to "text ads," so feel safe following the links.

The directors will continue to do their very best to assure that what the ATransC brings to the public is objective evidence of survival.




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Founded in 1982 by Sarah Estep to Provide Objective Evidence That We Survive Death in an Individual Conscious State.


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